Waterproofing in Pakistan

Roof Waterproofing in Pakistan.
October 18, 2017

Waterproofing in Pakistan

Cementitious Waterproofing

Lakhwa Chemical Services is the leading Roofing Contractor Company in Pakistan Specialist in Waterproofing , Heat Proofing Services & Suppliers.

Waterproofing | Heat Proofing | Pool/Tank Waterproofing | Washroom Seepage, Leakage |

Commercial | Residential | Industrial | (LAKHWA CHEMICAL SERVICES)

• Waterproofing (In Branded & Imported Chemicals)
• Over Head Tank Leakage and Seepage, Under Ground Tank Leakage and Seepage (In Branded & Imported Chemicals)
• Heat proofing (In Branded & Imported Chemicals)
• Bathroom Seepage and Leakage (In Branded & Imported Chemicals)
• Expansion Joint Treatment (In Branded & Imported Chemicals)

LCS Roof Heat Proofing Treatment – Sunlight Protection:

LCS chemical heat proofing reflects sunlight and absorbs less radiant heat energy than a regular roof. Lowering the temperature of your roof can significantly decrease temperature of your room under the coated roof. After LCS chemical roof treatment about 85% of sunlight is blocked & diverted into different directions. Our treatment is best a best protection against sunlight. We have three different varieties for roof heat proofing.

LCS can convert your existing roof into cool roof with special chemicals designed for this purpose.

Benefits of Chemical Heat Proofing

Low Cost & Light Weighted
Excellent Heat Resistance
High Heat Endurance about 85%
Extra Sunlight Protection
Saves 30% Electric Bills
Lowers Cooling Cost
Significantly Decreases Room Temperature
Durable & Delicate Look

This is a unique polymeric chemical treatment for the water proofing. It is applied on the surface of roof after cleaning dust, rust and other unwanted materials. This chemical react with the moisture of fine drop lets present in concrete, asbestos and metallic sheet network. Which generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracks of roof, thus the roof becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquid from any direction.
Process of water proofing Coating,

1- First layer fills the cracks and holes in the surface.
2- Second layer attach with first layer to fill the remaining cracks and makes the roof flexible.
3- Third layer covered with membrane sheets and make high flexural strength.
4- Fourth layer cover the sheets.
5- Fifth layer makes the roof more sufficient compressive strength.

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